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Original 1911 parts

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I'm one of those guys that likes the look of the original 1911 over the 1911A1 configuration. Currently I've got a 1991A1 that is pretty much the best of both worlds, but I'd like to get it looking like a 1911 as much as possible.

That said, does anybody know where I may be able to acquire and origianl GI thumb safety (with the little notch on it, not like it is today), a grip safety with the short, original tang, and a spur hammer?

Should I just haunt local gun shows or does somebody make new parts?

Thanks for your help! --Brian
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The King's spur hammer is a good copy of the 1911 design - the web of my hand is bleeding to prove it. The '91 grip safety can be ground to the '11 contour. Safeties should be available from sources in Shotgun News, or at gun shows.

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The only way I buy GI parts is at gun shows. All these so-called "GI parts" online are way too often simply imported cast junk. You have to look at the part hard and recognize whether or not it's really tool steel.
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