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Original, pitted and worn barrel

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I have installed a so called "GI Spec" barrel
in my Sistema. I did this mainly for appearance sake. The original barrel is very beat up. The muzzle is deeeply scarred and the bore is very pitted and worn. The replacement functions nicely and may be more accurate. I don't know that yet. I haven't fired at any targets with the original barrel since lightening the trigger.

My question is at what point does the pitting and wear create a dangerous situation? Or does it?

I did notice from inspecting the new fired brass the chamber in the replacement barrel is evidently larger than in the original.
The fired cases out of the new barrel are bulged enough ahead of the web that they will not fit into the original barrel.
I am new to these mil spec "GI" guns and tolerances.

If my original barrel is safe I will stick with it. This is just a fun shooter anyway.
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Unless it is pitted to the point were the structural integrity is compromised, pitting should not affect safety.

Had similar problems with my Sist. bbl. Pits do not matter, crown does. Have the bbl recrowned and it should shoot.

Doctor Sam
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