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Our 1st IPSC shoot today

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1st off, Bowmaster it was good to meet you hope we can shoot together again sometime!

Well folks today was my and my sons 1st ipsc shoot, I have shot three gun several times and class III once, today was a new experience, I took second place limited U, but I won't tell you how bad I really did! but I had a good time, If it wasn;t for my boy I would have taken last place <g>, anyhow my boy did pretty good as he hasn't shot vey much at all, the stages were were alot of fun, I think there were 28 shooters on two teams 5 stages, I had problems with my mahgs a couple times, and ran empty several times but all in all I'm getting much better and have allot to look forward too! The folks there are quite helpfull, anyhow it's a must do for a shooter!

See ya
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I'm with you. IPSC competition is an important part of a balanced training program. It really gives a good opportunity to test your equipment and skills against a wide variety of other people.

If you fancy yourself to be a pistol shooter, I highly recommend regular practice AND competition.
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