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Owner of lost/stolen gun may be in deep doo-doo after WA shooting

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Since 2018 we've had a slew of bad gun laws on the books in WA, starting with I-1639 (approved by voters) which among many things makes gun owners liable if their firearms are not secured and they end up in the wrong hands. A Snohomish County man might be the first to be charged under this new law if he can't give a good explanation to the police as to how a Glock he owned somehow got lost or stolen, and weeks later was used in a fatal school shooting.

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Once Upon A Time...

Up North in MI, a gent kept getting his cottage burgled. He decided to leave only his old war surplus rifle there, but not the ammo for it..

As you'd expect the same morons broke in (again), and this time found the rifle and ammo and swiped it all.

Cops arrested him, and I believe he was sent up for "manslaughter" and "negligence" - because the freakin' thieves stuck the wrong stolen ammo up the wrong stolen rifle and it blew up in their face.

Yup, they blamed the home-owner.

Shizzle like this is why I figure yer further ahead not even trying to be nice.
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