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OZ: Gun owners storage facilities inspected

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Some news from down under:

Gun owners to have storage facilities inspected
Thursday, 27 October 2005. 13:50 (AEST)
Western Queensland gun owners will face a safety audit to ensure their weapons are being stored correctly.

The six-month state-wide audit will see police make appointments with randomly selected licenced weapon holders to inspect their storage facilities.

Weapons licencing branch Inspector Mike Crowley says the move is all about positive re-inforcement.

"The legislation is very clear on how firearms are to be stored, and this is purely put in place to act as a safety guideline, for not only the individual but the community at large," he said.

"It's very important that people who have firearms secure them so they do not fall into the hands of inappropriate people or those people not authorised to possess them."

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With a rising rate of violent crime, (like every place else with strict gun regulations,) the Aussies must sleep well in their beds at night knowing that their police are diligently inspecting the storage facilities of honest gun owners, who have gone to the trouble of registering their firearms.
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