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P-14 mags question

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My buddy sold his P-14 and found some left over mags. He asked me to find out how much he should ask for them.

Any ideas?

Me, I've got a Combat Commander coming with my tax refund.
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Tell him I'd give him $10 for all of them

Really, it depends, are they new, used, factory, or aftermarket....

New factory Para Pre-Ban's run roughly $75-100, good used ones will go from $40-60 and up... It really depends... Who has them, and how bad they want to sell them, or need the money...
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Thanks Jaydee, I'll relay your news to him. Actually I may buy them from him myself in my uncontrolable desire to have as many pre-ban mags as possible for as many handguns as possible.
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I just paid $125 including shipping for three factory P-14 mags. I found one local going for $45 as well, but didn't catch it fast enough.

If your buddy wants to sell, I'll pay the same price, plus or minus. Let me know if he's interested.
For what its worth I just bought three LEO only high cap mags for my P-13 for $35.00 each. I hope that Bush does away with this insanity on the magazines and the assault weapons BS, if he does I'll vote for him again.


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