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My custom Cylinder and Slide BHP is a work of art and wonderfully accurate. Bill Laughridge said not to use +P or +P+ in the gun. Any of you using it and if so, what are your results?
Bill indicated accelerated wear and damage wouild result. I have to defer to his judgement as he is "the man" where the BHP is concerned.
I'm using mine with the recommended 115 gr. Winch Silvertips. To date I have over 6K of rounds through the pistol and NO stoppages.
C&S makes one hell of a pistol
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Hello. In my experience and chronography results, Winchester's 115 grain STHP has proven the highest velocity standard pressure round in that bullet weight, averaging about 1180 ft/sec on average from the BHPs from which I've fired it.

I personally do NOT use +P+ ammunition in my firearms as I'm not really sure what the pressures are and for the concerns of accelerated wear.

As you know, in '94, FN began using quality cast frames instead of the traditional forged ones. This was so that the HP in forty caliber would not ruin the frame after 2500 rounds or so. While not a problem in 9mm, guns in that caliber "benefited" as this change should make them tougher.

+P will accelerate wear in any firearm, including the BHP. I routinely use it in my guns, but I also use an 18.5lb Wolff conventional recoil spring and a Buffer Technology shock buff.

The following is from www.fnhipower.com:

"+P and +P+ ammo usage

This discussion comes up frequently in the Forum, and as such makes an appropriate
topic here. +P and +P+ ammunition, though not recommended for use in Hi Power by
Browning, has been used in small quantities without adverse affect, and in larger
quantities to properly prepped guns without issue.

The following article comes from the November 1989, issue of the American Rifleman magazine, starting on page 36. The American Rifleman is published monthly by the
National Rifle Association of America, 1600 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W., Washington,
D.C. 20036. Telephone: (202) 828-6000.

Note that the tests it refers to took place prior to 1989. This should make the post-94
Hi-Powers even more durable.

"Browning, on the other hand, forwarded a copy of an internal test report in which it fired 5000 rounds of Remington +P+ 9mm ammunition in a Browning Hi Power pistol. "Inspection of the Hi Power system reveled no unnatural wear to the locking surfaces or any other area. Headspace was checked and found to be acceptable." The conclusion: "...the 9mm Hi Power system appears to be durable enough to withstand long-range [term] shooting of the new ammunition from Remington."

Please note that extended or steady use of +P and +P+ ammunition will accelerate
wear in modern Hi Powers, as it does in nearly every other handgun. The use of extra
power recoil springs (such as a Wolf 18.5lb variant for 9mm) or recoil buffers such as
those from Shok-buff can counter this pounding, and add service life to those pistols using the higher pressure ammo.

Use of +P and +P+ ammo should be avoided altogether in older Hi Powers however,
particularly early WWII specimens.

I myself restrict usage of +P ammo to my newer MKIII variants only."


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Excellent post Mr. Camp.

Related to the +p+ topic I have a small supply of the Federal BPLE 115 gr Hi Shock and that is what I keep in my primary home defense firearm (a Mark II 9x19).

I chronographed this load a few years ago side by side with an LE friend's HP. His, (with a lot more usage than mine) chronographed 1,200 FPS while mine (new at the time) ran right around 1,300 FPS.

Since this HP was running 100% with just about anything I fed it, I put it away and bought another just like it for the matches we were shooting at the time. This favorate (thought not so sexy) piece gets taken out to a match once or twice a year for the owner's benefit with standard pressure reloads. It now has Wilson night sights and the C&S aftermarket trigger as the factory trigger pinched my finger. I put an occasional magazine of the high pressure stuff through it just to check functionallity, accuracy, etc.

Although I'm really a 1911 fan, I feel this firearm, with the right ammo, is second to none.



Edited the Chrono data above as my feeble memory embellished the numbers somewhat. Actual chrono on the BPLE yesterday was 1,290 fps average with ranges of Low: 1,251 (first shot/cold day) to High: 1,305.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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