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Hello All,
I have been a 1911 fan since, Well forever! And a die hard Colt fan at that. But carrying my Gold Cup got to be... always was hard to conceal. So this P10 a friend had after his dad passed away fit the bill.

Problem is the recoil of the spring is so hard the unless you have a two fisted grip on the pistol sometimes a round will not chamber all the way. This can happen anywhere in the stack of bullets, if your concentration slips and you let your grip a little loose. It also occurs shooting one handed.
This is not usually a problem since I use my Gold Cup as my secondary weapon in the local Subgun competition. But last week I left it home and had to use my carry pistol the P10.

So what is the rate of the factory spring? So with this 3 inch barrel is there a lighter recoil spring or should I cut coils and put in an extra buffer I have from my Colt.

Ok now that I dismantled and looked at it realizing the spring types are different. What is out there for these pistols
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