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P16-40 Mag base pads

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Has any one used the Dawson Precision or Grams. Just wondering if anyone thought one was better then the other.
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Using one Grams and two Arredondo at the moment. Keep considering trying the Dawson, but can't justify it at the moment. BTW, anybody know if the Dawson STI pads fit the STI/Para cut tubes?
Grams. They come in a kit with a modified follower and spring. This setup allows 21 rounds and is reliable.

I'm using the Grams kit. I might add that I was impressed enough with the Grams kit that I stock it in my shop. I have not used the Dawson kit so I can not give an honest answer on his kit.
Regards,Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
I am using Grams pads for my P16.40SSL

Have just fitted them for use with DP magwell. They will hold 21 in the mag but are incompressible. You have to strip the top round or feed it or the mag won't go in the gun. I still have not had a chance to get to the range for a test run. Very high quality in appearance/fit/assembly/use.

postban out

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I have the dawson(like them)easy to take a part.Also use the stock para+2,sell both at my shop. HANDGUNNER
I absolutely recommend the Grams base pads. They are a quality product. They have been 100% reliable. They seem to be the chosen base pad for the IPSC crowds that I have observed. Best of all, Beven stands behind his products. Give him a call or check his web-site, gramseng.com His products are first-class as is his customer service.
Take care, PG

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