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My Para 6.45 consistently ejects cases to the right rear and sometimes straight hitting me in the head.

I am shooting nothing but standard factory 230 FMJ. I has about about 800 rounds through it and has a new recoil spring (that did not change the ejection pattern) I noticed that the extractor tension was almost non-existent, so I tightened that up. Anyway it continies to eject rearward.

After reading other threads on this, I notice that Para uses an ejector with a bevel on the top right. It seems to me that this makes the ejector make a lower contact on the case and may through it backwards instead of to the right. Is that a possible cause? By the way, there is no brass marking on the ejection port, so I don't think brass is being thrown low right.

Something else I saw in other threads: Short barrell 1911s just do this. Is this true?

Other than this issue, I like this pistol. VERY accurate for such a small one!

Any suggestions?
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