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FYI I received this email from Para-Ordnance today:

Dear Para Friend,

Because you've shown interest in Para products, we want to treat
you to a special sneak preview of what's coming up this weekend.

We're announcing an exciting new promotion for the Para-Ordnance
LDA Series of Pistols, the 1911-style handguns with the sweet,
smooth triggers, that have won the prestigious Guns & Ammo Handgun
of the Year Award two years in a row.

Want a chance to win an expense-paid trip to shoot with USPSA
Champion Todd Jarrett in a special class at the prestigious
Gunsite Academy in Paulden,Arizona? Just visit your favorite
Para Dealer, check out the new Para LDA pistols, and fill
out an entry form.

You'll see it advertised beginning April 15th,, when American
Shooter returns to TNN at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. A 30-second
commercial will tell the shooting public to visit their Para
Dealer to enter the Para Challenge - Shoot Like A Pro - Free
Class with Champion Todd Jarrett Sweepstakes, to be held at
Gunsite on January 18-20, 2002.

There will be three winners from across the nation: one each
from the Western, Central and Eastern states areas. Each prize
trip includes roundtrip airfare, local transportation, lodging,
meals, ammunition, holster rig and the use of a Para LDA pistol
for the class, an approximate retail value of $5,000. The
sweepstakes will run from April 14th through November 15th.

As of this weekend, we're also upgrading our website www.paraord.com
to give you even more information than before, such as a dealer
lookup function to find the Para Dealer nearest you. Under the Para
Challenge section you'll find the official sweepstakes rules.
And, you'll soon see weekly shooting tips from The Champ,
Todd Jarrett.

Remember - to hit your target fast and safely; you need the
secret of triggernometry. Para has the secret of triggernometry
and is the only company to have perfected a 1911-style pistol
with a hammer-down carry position. USPSA Champion Todd Jarrett
has the secret of triggernometry and you can have it as well.

Visit your Para Dealer today, and while you are there, enter
the Para Challenge sweepstakes. If you're one of the lucky
winners, you could learn more of Todd Jarrett's secrets in
a special 7.45 LDA class at Gunsite that includes one-on-one
instruction from The Champ.

Para - Shoot Like A Pro TM
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