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Para mags in a Kimber polymer gun?

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Do they work and if so how well?
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Kimber is suppose to be offering a Mag Catch to allow the use of the Para mags...

From what I understand, they will work fine, but the catch won;t be available for a few months, according to Ryan Busse (cloverleaf) with Kimber.
kimber has been saying several months for over a year now, there was a south african co making a mag catch for this but i don't have the link at this time
Apparently, something is available, but I think it comes from Bul, in Isreal.

You might contact them - http://www.aquanet.co.il/bul_m5/main.html

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The company from South Africa is called Rescomp their web site is www.crspeed.co.za
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