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Para-ord P-16 Hi-caps?

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Hi Well where is a good place to get these? How much are they running? My gunshop has em but they are $85 is this a good price? Thanks Turtle Bob
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Check out practicalshooting.com. I picked up my P16 mags (nickel with bumper) for $70 each.

HI When did you get them for 70... They dont show it now they show 85 and no info on nickel or blue or anything.... Thanks Bob
That's because the website is hopelessly out of date. I bought some magazines from him 3 or 4 years ago and the website is the same today as it was then. If you want to know what he currently has available and his prices, you have to call or email him.
Have you tried contacting Para?

I thought they still have some for you lucky folks down south.

BTW Para is closed till Aug 13th for retooling.
Jack Norris is a great guy to talk to!

Everytime I have called him (3 times now) he as been eating chinese food. There must be a great place restaraunt close by!

The webpage, as per Jack, was designed years ago by a friend of his and has not been updated since then.

I think I had better get me a couple more P16 mags before everyone here SNARKS 'em up!

Hello! Thanks all I will look into getting a couple from him... Just got my Dawson mag ext wow 20 rounds of 40 cool for sure.. later..
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