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Para Ordnance reliability

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Is there any concern about magazine reliability of these compared to single stack magazines? With a Para, there is only one brand, where with a single stack there are Wilson, CMC, Shooting Star, etc to choose from. I'm just wondering if the lack of choice with the Para is a bad thing?
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been shooting the same 14 rounders - 2 and a 10 in an ldas since new 5700 rounds ago - no problems with them in 1 1/2 years
No reliability issues at all. Dissassemble them periodically to clean them. I also suggest changing the mag spring once a year, as springs can and do lose "springiness" due to cycling and compression.

I have 6 para mags, and I have never had any problem with them.
I have to agree with what everyone else says I've had no trouble with my Para Mags. I also highly recommend the Grams kits I use these on my P-16 tubes in my All-Sport Forty racegun gives me a 21 round mag capacity.
Regards,Bob Hunter. www.huntercustoms.com
I have 8 high caps and 4 10 rounders for my P14, 5 high caps and 2 10's for P12, 5 HC's and 2 10's for P13. All are factory mags, and no problem with any of those. All are functioning perfectly.
Another thing that can be done to Para mags to increase reliablity is replacing the followers. Arredondo makes replacement followers that have prover much more reliable in my gun than stock.
Mecgar also makes 10 rounders for Paras. They have worked fine with my P-14 Limited. They are $19 at my local range. Mecgar makes the mags for the Sig factory mags too.
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