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Para P-16 fit a P-14

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Just curious if a P-16 mag (.40cal) will fit and fire in a P-14 (.45cal) and what type and extent of work needs to be done to make this work.

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I'm really curious about your question.

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?
Will not go! You can install a new ejector and replace the complete upper (slide & all) with P16.
Originally posted by mcnabb:
Just curious if a P-16 mag (.40cal) will fit and fire in a P-14 (.45cal
To my understanding the mag bodies and the followers are the same, however I believe you would have to tune the mag lips.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
Unfortunetly no. The Magazines are designed to fit in the same magazine well, and are the same length, but that's the only similarities. The .40 magazine has a reduced interal width due to indents that run throughout the length. The followers are different, and the lips are different. You can, however, buy a conversion kit so that your frame can be .45 and .40 capable. You would have to change out the top end and ejector when you wanted to change over.

Really interesting....Don't ya think??
I did some further checking on this and it seems Newton is correct in what he stated. I'm sorry for any confusion I may have caused. Thank you Newton for straightening this out.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com

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Anytime Bob. BTW...Love your floresent targets. Big hit in our little range!!!!
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Hello Newton,
Glad you like the targets, it seems we have several shooters enjoying the free targets from the web site. Take care and keep the brass flying.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
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