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Park touch-up ??

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Just completed my home parkerizing job. It did not work out as well as planned. I took some bad advice, rushed into it, and got a botched job.

The problem is that the parkerizing is, if for lack of a better term, uneven. What I mean is that it appears to be thicker on some spots than in others. It looks almost as if the finish has more luster in some spots, and not just the hardend areas.

Is there a way to "even" things up a bit? I would really hate to reblast it and go thru the same process?

(The park itself is the blackest I've ever seen and doubt I could repeat this color to any degree of satisfaction.)


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Sorry to hear your parkerizing job did not go as planned.

I might try to some very fine steal wool, and lot of oil.

Let me know how it works.
Steel wool seemed to do the trick. It is black as night (except the sights for some reason, did'nt do well in the bath) and even enough for me.

I might try to go over it with some of that teflon/moly stuff from Brownelles. Kind of like Pvtryan.
Originally posted by GUNNER:
ehenz, is it just me or am I noting a single sided conversation here?
Have you been talking to yourself?

No flames intended, just wondering what's up with the posts.
Its the other voice talking in the second post.
My tinfoil hat works well at blocking all the bad voices.
I only listen to the rational ones, like the ones that tell me to stay home and clean my guns.

Who's parkerizing kit did you use? How difficult was it? I'm looking at doing this myself and would appreciate any feedback, pro or con.


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