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ss-gar said:
Another funny to see video is working its way around the internet, but I can't recall the source. The video clip (claims to be a 500 S&W) shows a rather large gentleman aiming what appears to be a scoped stainless T/C Encore , down range with one hand, they joke a little and he grabs with two hands. He shoots and the gun flies back out of his greasy hands, barely missing his head and clanking back on the concrete, way behind him. The end of the video.

Bet his buddy regrets letting Bubba eat a bucket of KFC before letting him shoot his pride and joy.

Good Luck,
That's actually a 700 nitro pistol. I've got a couple clips of it.

I think if I shot it, I'd drop it as well.

If you look, it's one of the rotating lock type rifle caliber pistols. I don't think an encore could hold up to a round that big.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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