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Passing it on

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Got an Email the other day from a young guy who used to work for me. He and a friend had just shot their first IDPA match! Apparently we had an influence on the young man and now that his finances and time have allowed, he's taken up pistol shooting; USING a 1911! He's a lawyer to boot. We can use a few more pro-gun lawyers.
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That is awesome.

So good to see new blood coming in to the games.
Super good to hear that you influenced a young man to join into competitive shooting. Good for you! Must feel good.

Even when I can get to our local club’s Outlaw IDPA matches ther are very few people under 40.
Awesome indeed, it is great to get someone involved in shooting
That's awesome. I usually go the range every newbie-evening we have on the local range and help out as well. I also let people try what I have to make it easier for them to figure out what they want to buy for themselves.
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