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Perfect mag pouches?

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Do they exist? Probably not as a universal concept. But how do you define the perfect mag pouch. Here are some criteria. Feel free to add any that I missed:

- Method of attaching to the belt. For me it should be a snap/clip on type so I don't have to unthread my belt. It should also be secure enough so it doesn't come unclipped if if hit a door frame, or car door, etc. I have two Wilson Combat leather snap on mag pouches that are easy on/off, but can come unsnapped if I run into something. I also have two Blade-Tech mag pouches. They snap very easily and securely on the belt via a unique snap mounting system. It can be adjusted to the belt size and does not sway for and aft like the WC pouches. Unfortunately, they system is WAY overbuilt and the overall package is HUGE (see below).

- Securely hold magazines. I prefer my mags to stay inside the pouch when shaken (hard) upside down. It takes a firm grasp and pull to get them out when I'm reloading, but I know that they won't fall out during vigorous physical activity. My WC pouches hold the mags securely but failed the "shake and drop" test. As for the Blade-Tech's, when I received them, they were adjusted way too loose for my WC 47D mags. I tightened them to where I felt they were secure enough and the kydex from one of the screws cracked horizontally from the screw out to the edge of the pouch. So far I haven't been satisfied with the security of either of these.

- Size and concealability. The Blade-Tech mag pouch is HUGE. I almost wanted to get a dremel tool and shave off all of the unnecessary kydex. That being said they are exremely secure on the belt. The WC's are smaller, but becauses of the looser fit of the leather loop, they do not pull the mag as close to the body as possible.

So where do you place the greatest priorities with your pouches? How tight do you run your pouches (and have any ever fallen out)? What is the best pouch you've found and why?

Kydex versus leather (just mag pouches, not holters!)? How do the metal clip attachments work?

What is the perfect mag pouch? And what are your criteria? (I'm sure I'll think of a few more by tomorrow....)
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I like the Sparks #34 double mag pouch. They no longer catalog it, but will make it on request. It snaps to the belt with two heavy-duty snaps. It is very compact for a double mag pouch. The pouch holds the magazines facing in opposite directions, so the pouch may be worn either on the belt normally or flipped around and place beneath the belt (outside the trousers) and the front mag is still properly "bullets-forward".

As to the issue of mag pouch fit on the belt. I think a bit of fore & aft sway is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, we are drawing the magazine with our less dexterous hand and a bit of sway may help prevent binding.

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