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Performance Center OEM magazines mix & match?

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Saw a new-in-box PC1911 E-series (SKU 170343) at the LGS on Saturday. It had two 8-round stainless mags, one with a follower with the Checkmate patent marking and no other marks, presumably the S&W OEM magazine. The 2nd was a Chip McCormick "Classic" Shooting Star with base pad. Is the supply chain so messed up that S&W Performance Center is shipping mix & match mags? Or did someone put the wrong magazine back in the gun when showing a couple different models (used & new) in this corner of the store?
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Mine came new with these 2 identical magazines. I don't know who makes them for S&W but the only marking is on the left side of the magazine body as seen in my pic's. I purchased mine new in 2015.

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The markings were on the follower, either the Checkmate 7-digit patent # or the Chip McCormick "Shooting Star" logo. The mag with the Checkmate patent on the follower looked like the above pictures. Though I can't see the follower in the above photos, CMC Classic mags have a tapered/trapezoidal plastic base plate, and the ones above look straight-walled. I guess it's possible S&W is distributing two mis-matched magazines because of supply chain shortages, but it seems weird. The LGS employees swear those two magazines are what came with the pistol. Most likely someone accidentally switched mags with another pistol when showing the firearm at the counter if the pistol normally ships with matching magazines in the before times.
Here's a pic of the followers:

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Yep, 6,560,907 is the Checkmate patented magazine. So the PC1911 shipped with two S&W OEM magazines with the Checkmate follower, 8-round, with straight-walled plastic bases in the "before times". The Chip McCormick "Classic" 8-round w/ trapezoidal base is a LGS counter error, or S&W Performance Center is really having trouble sourcing Checkmate mags these days.

Great photography, BTW!
For completeness, here's what typical Chip McCormick "Classic" magazines with the Shooting Star logo on the follower look like.

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