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I picked up a Charles Daly last week and has been a great shooter so far, last week end went to a gun show here in Ft. Worth and saw a new Defender and picked it up aand said ohhh yes. Took it to the range tonite and put about 250 rounds through it and not one problem.Fmj and some gold dots. Shot a real tight group. Like a guided missle.
Is there any thing I need to watch for or do to it? This is going to become my carry gun as soon as I get a few more through it and get it broke in good.

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Use a product like 'Sheath" or oil you frame down good with some 'Breakfree' several times a week. For some reason I thought the Teflon coating did not need it and mine is at AP&W getting a hard chrome finish applied. It actually held up good considering three years of carry.


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