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Pics from IDPA Nationals

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Thought you might enjoy a few pics from the Nationals.

Here is the motley crew known as squad 12.

Here is one of four gun master Mike Benedict showing his style on the mover.

Here is Mike Benedict and a few mere mortals (Eric Field, Steve Williams, Mark Mayo) where Mike is showing a style that only he would dare to display.

Here is Eric being tactically correct as usual while CSO Headhunter observes and salivates just thinking about all the procedurals he'll get to hand out.

A great time was had by all, the match ran perfectly thanks to the hard work by the staff and the RO's and my only complaint was that the little self respect I had after shooting was completely destroyed by the casino's. Maybe next year.

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Good looking pics Blinder. You could have left out Benedict's pics.
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