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Pictures of Full-size Protector

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Would it be possible for someone to post some good high quality pictures of the Full-size Protector?
Wilson's sight has so many good "Wallpaper quality" pictures of the CQB but does not have a single good picture of the Protector.
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This isn't a picture but for information only

The only differences between the Protector model and the CQB is the color of Armortuff, type of wood grips, and a full length guide rod. Otherwise the guns are the same.

The catalog mentioned a one part difference but I also heard that was a type-o.

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Thanks for the info but what I am looking for is a picture of a Protector with an all black finish and Coco Bolo grips. All the pictures of the CQB are two-tone (green/black).

Since you mentioned it: Why doesn’t anyone point out that there is another difference between the Protector and CQB. The Protector has a tool steel sear (#314) and the CQB has a MIM sear (#314C)

When I order my Protector I plan to have all the MIM parts upgraded during the initial build. MIM is fine, tool steel is better.

I would also like to send Wilson a one-piece Smith & Alexander magwell if I thought they would fit it for me. Maybe they will at least finish it for me so the color matches.
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