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Pistol Cleaning

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I need some help with an unusual problem. I have an assosiate that tragically tried to committ suicide. He used his .45 and while he lived he received devastating head trauma. His family has asked me to dispose of the pistol. I understand that the gun is covered in blood and will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Any suggestions on how to best proceed with the cleaning and restoration would be appreciated.
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First, it's likely the blood has damaged the bluing, and even stainless can get corroded.

Field strip the gun.

Wipe the exterior off with an ordinary water-based household kitchen cleaner, (without ammonia, and NOT Simply Green) on paper towel.

Use a very small amount on a toothbrush to brush all areas where there is or might be blood.

If there's any rust, apply CLP Breakfree or Kroil and allow to soak for 30 minutes or so.
Use a brass brush or a scraper made of brass or copper to scrape the rusted areas.
Unlike using steel wool, this will remove ONLY the rust, and won't cause damage to the surrounding bluing.

Carefully inspect ALL areas of the gun, including inside the barrel, inside the slide and frame for any thing that might have been sprayed into concealed areas.

Wipe dry with more paper towel, then immediately apply a coat of a good rust proofer like CLP Breakfree.

I'd put a few small drops on a clean toothbrush and use that to rub the CLP on all areas.
This allows working the CLP into tight places.

If there is any rust, under the rust will be at least tiny pitting.
There's nothing that can be done about that short of a refinish.

This should pretty well clean the gun off, stop any rust, and prevent any more from forming.
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