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My PK-S01 arrived this morning from Tantal. Actually it's the PK-SA which appears to be identical except it has a 2MOA elevation adjustment wheel instead of the 9.3mm BDC cam and has a non-rangefinding circle instead of the rangefinding ellipse (new "sporting" version?).
The PK appears much more solid and sturdier than my Kobras, especially the mount (which looks to be solid metal and not fragile at all). It sits left directly over the optics rail instead of centered over the receiver cover & the locking lever does have the small retaining tab like my Kobras. The two 357 watch batteries install top front & the switch is a small lever mounted low left forward, flick forward to activate, flick back to turn off (easy to do, the switch lever is large enough to hit easily but small enough to avoid accidental movement yet you still have to remove you hand from the forend to move the switch).
The glass is exceptionally clear and bright with the 1MOA red/black dot suprisingly visible (the larger circle does help as an index to finding the red/black dot at the center). When turned on the red dot is very bright but not excessively so & with no apparent enlargement. Against bright backgrouds where the red dot tends to get lost in the contrast the black dot still provides a good aiming point so any kind of brightness control for the red dot looks to be unnecessary. Iron sights are still perfectly usable with the PK attached and there's only a slight occulting caused by the PK's body when sighting through the PK w/both eyes open. Eye relief is good w/the standard length stock but occulting is minimized when using an extended stock length.
My only complaint so far (which may only be my ignorance) is that I'm uncertain of the best way to sight through/use the unit (using a standard-length AK stock). If I tilt the rifle slightly to the right when shouldering then I sight using the right eye but still have both eyes open for good situational awareness. Doing so results in a "chin weld" similar to that used w/the Kobras. The other technique involves shouldering as if to use the iron sights w/my nose nearly touching the receiver cover catch then rolling my head slightly right to sight using my *left* eye through the PK (which I can do but isn't what I'm used to). This gives a much better chin weld but has to be done "aggressively" pushing my cheek down onto the buttstock with some force and due to the tilt of the head the "both eyes open" situational awareness doesn't seem to be as good as with the other technique. I suspect either way will work w/sufficient training but right now I don't know which way is the "official" way to use the PK. So far I'm impressed with the PK and if it handles as well on the range then I've found a good replacement for my Kobras. Roads are too icy to allow a range trip today, I'll post a full range report as soon as weather permits.
PS- The more I use the "head low, left eye sighting" technique the quicker/easier it becomes. I'm itching for some range time with this thing!
PPS- After conferring w/Tantal it turns out the PK-AS *does* have the elliptical rangefinder but since it measures 44 mils tall by 50 mils wide the ellipse is just not very obvious.
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