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Places to buy magazines

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All the shops around where I live are price gougers. Anyone know where online to get wilson, ed brown, CMC, etc 7, 8 rounders for what you would consider "good" prices? I check natchezss.com, anywheres else? I am looking to get one of each make to see which works out the best. I don't know anyone around that has a 1911 in my area, so I can't borrow any.
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Waldenbooks or Books-a-Million has a great magazine rack.

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Actually, all joking aside, try: http://www.cdnninvestments.com
they have great prices on quality magazines.
Natchezss has decent prices on their mags
but they always seem to be "out of stock". Be aware that cdnn charges $9.00 for shipping
even on small items. For free shipping and
great service try: http://www.wilsoncombat.com

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True, CDNN's shipping charge is $8.95, but this is on any type of order be it $5 or $500. One shipping charge for any order.
check out Jersey City Armory.... here's the website. http://www.jcarmory.com/main.html
i've never had any problem with them and good customer service. greg monte was my contact, he responded to my emails promptly and have always given me feedbacks as far as status of my orders.
Thanks all, I will check 'em all out. So we got some comedians here..Pretty funny sousana.
An $8.95 shipping charge might look good on
a $500 order but it looks real bad on a $50
order. I have contacted Greg at Jersey City
Armory twice in the past month and he said
he was out of stock on Wilson Combat maga-
45auto: I took your advice and ordered a pair of 47Ds from Wilson Combat. I've never used them before (I'm a Natchez fan) so I'll find out what their service is like.

Have a great day!
I ordered two 47D's on the afternoon of 10/12 and they showed up in the mail on 10/18. Pretty good service.

Plus that catalog they sent me has me drooling over a KZ45

Have a great day!
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Try Ajax Grips. They have a website, www.ajaxgrips.com. Great prices and fast service.
Ordered 2 Wilson 47D on Friday. Here today! Mon. was a holiday. www.midwayusa.com

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