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I own a couple of Browns - a 5" Executive Elite and a 5" SF, both in SS/G3 - and I have decided to trade in my only other semi-custom 1911 - a Nighthawk Enforcer - for another Brown.

This time I am thinking about a custom order... My LGS is a premier Brown dealer and can turn a custom around in 30-60 days, and the owner even told me that if I order one and don't love it due to fit & finish imperfections (I am REALLY particular) he wouldn't hold me to the purchase as long as I avoid engravings and customer serial numbers... Heck of a thing, huh? Love that guy...

So... I am thinking about a Commander model of either the EE or the SF... Prolly the 33... In CS/Blue with a solid trigger, with chainlink, a standard (not bobbed) frame and slim grips...

Anyone have experience with the bluing Brown is doing recently? If so, what say you? Will be a range and nightstand gun, but will definitely be subject to some carry wear as well... I read something about premature purpling with the Browns a few years ago... Fact or fiction, these days?

Also... any other customizations I ought to be considering?

Weigh in, one and all...

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