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Plastic floorplates: did this ever happen to you?

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I used to own a 1911 mag that had a plastic floorplate that slid on the mag from the front. My first thought was that the plastic floorplate would go six different directions if I ever dropped my pistol, leaving me looking pretty stupid scratching and fetching for those loose rounds and the mag spring. Has this ever happened to anyone? I know this mag style is common with other pistol models, so maybe I'm more paranoid than necessary. I want to be just paranoid enough

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No I've never dropped one but with a brand new Wilson 8round mag. the floor plate slid off the mag. while firing.Sure is upseting after putting out close to $90.00 for three mags.tom.

I've never had this happen to me, I use Chip McCormick 8 round Power Mags exclusivley. IMO the CMC mags are as good as you can get.

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A friend recently bought a Llama 45 with the plastic floor plate. It looks pretty flimsy to me, and I told him so. It seemed to hurt his feelings, but that's what friends are for. I could picture drawing in a bad situation only to see 9-45 rounds scattering on the pavement. NOT GOOD!

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My three Wilsons showed cracks in the plastic floorplate/pad retaining grooves after extensive use and many drops but did not come apart, the inner retainer plate held the spring in. They sent me replacements. Wilson now has metal floorplates that I would select for carry. The only mags I ever had to come apart were some (2 out of 3) Shooting Star 10x.38 Supers that popped the spot welds holding their steel floorplates on. Also replaced on warranty.
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