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Went to the range today with some standard pressure 185gr, 200gr and 230gr rounds. Also had an EB 18#, EB 18# variable power, and the stock 20# recoil springs. Happened to also bring a Wilson Shok Buff to try it out seeing that it is reported to work with some brands of commander length pistols but not with others.

Happy to report that all ammo which included Hornady Critical Defense, Hornady Critical Duty, Hornady XTP, and Federal 230gr white box all cycled and fired smoothly and without incident with both the 18# and stock 20# recoil springs. And yes, the 18# springs do in fact sling those casings out a little further.

I have some Black Hills and Golden Saber 185gr JHP on order.

Also happy to report that the SFC has ample room internally to handle the Wilson Shok Buff. No problems at all with the slide locking back on the last round, ejecting the mag, loading a fresh mag and sling-shotting the first round into the chamber. Good to go, I like it. A 100 rounds revealed zero abnormalities with the buffer and full functionality of the pistol.

Carry on. YMMV :)
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