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Please say something bad about the KZ-45

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Well I am looking at purchasing one of these. I want to know the good the bad and the ugly. For about eleven hundred dollars (after paying the governor) and a four month wait I can own a Wilson with an ambi-saftey!!!

I like the idea of having a standard 1911 holding ten rounds without a mag sticking out. Was hoping to learn about any down side issues. The only ones I can imagine are regarding a special sized holster and proprietary magazines.

Am I limited to the Wilson mags? Will any pre band mags work? What about carrying extra mags – will they fit in anyone else’s standard holders? I understand that this could be the result of designing ten round magazine to fit in a standard 1911 without increasing the grip.

Are there any other issues?

It seems that the KZ has something special in that $1,000 price range. Please no comments like the KZ is awful compared to my $2,500 so-and-so.

Thinking about becoming a member of the club-

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I have had a KZ-45 for over 6 months now and have maybe 2500 rounds through it without as much as a hic-up. Yes I did have to buy a new holster specially for it from Blade-tech and a couple of single mag pouches too. And yes you do have to buy the mag's from Wilson's for $39.00/ea. But if those two things, buying a new holster and paying $39.00 for a couple a mags, are the only negatives I could say about the KZ, who cares?

I would highly reccomend the KZ and I look forward to getting the new compact version of it when they are available later this year.

Good shooting,


Disclaimer: I think of pistols as tools not works of art so the fact that the Armor-tuff finish is wearing is not really a negative to me.

I really like your disclamer.

Shawn, It would really be bad if you got one before me. I ordered one last spring at a gun show, was in the hospital when it came in, received a telephone message after getting out after surgery, informing me they would hold it 3 days. They had sold it the morning I got home. I re-ordered another that day. What would really be bad is if you receieved one before me. The ugly would be how much you don't seem to care about obtaining one and how much I do. Luck of the draw and best luck to you on obtaining a firearm I've shot and am trying to purchase.
The only thing bad I can say about the KZ is the lack of mag holders available. I had Rusty Sherrick make some customer holders for me.

Other then that, it's a great gun that I highly recommend. Nay sayers are quick to change their minds after handling and firing the KZ.
Just to let you know, I don't have one so my opinion is very, very suspect.

Looking at a photo, I don't like the chrome, and would prefer an all-black gun for fear the reflective surface might give away your position.

Somebody, please tell me I'm wrong; I don't want to give this guy any misinformation.
It's not chrome. The shiny metal you see is stainless steel. It's used to reinforce the polymer frame.
HEY SHAWN:GUNNUTS HERE,Give me 3 or 4 months and I'll let you know any BAD NEWS ordered mine today,Talked to WILSON sales on 2-2 he said 2 to 3 months,I know how that goes My ROCK RIVER took 8 months they said 3 to 4.
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The KZ is not a sexy gun like a CQB or a Baer.It is more utilitarian.Almost like a fancy Gl**k.Sorry,but it is.It is also my second favorite gun.
We had a shooter use one at our last three gun match. The dang mags keep falling out of the gun. He said he had the same problem with his wide body STI till he put a stronger mag release spring in it.
Sounds like that guy needs lessons on where to put his fingers when he shoots.

The mag spring on the KZ-45 could be stronger, but in several hundred rounds between myself and a buddy, no one has accidentally dumped a mag.
Traevin, The KZ45 ia more likely to be given away due to the gleam in your eye that you have one than anything else. Brand new owner-like it -recommend it.
It's butt-ugly.


Well, you requested criticism.
Besides it being rather ugly as compared to other Wilson weapons, I think it's a decent pistol. I shot my friend's KZ last night and was pretty impressed with it. If it were up to me though, I'd still but a stainless steal 1911 for that price. Semper Fi.
NOT a custom 1911,you can get one of those SA or KIMBER.
Pretty disappointed in the test target that came with mine. At 15 yards, off a bench rest one solid hole no bigger than a quarter. I wanted it dime size. Just kidding, and I think it is a fine looking gun to boot! Took some doing to finally obtain mine, but I am glad I waited it out. Some nice extras come with it.
If you wanted dime size you could have gotten a 9mm.
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Originally posted by gunnuts:
NOT a custom 1911,you can get one of those SA or KIMBER.
Nothing Kimber/SA puts out can compare to the accuracy, trigger, barrel fit, slide to frame fit and overall fit, finish and craftmanship of my sample - course, maybe I got a handpicked KZ
its one helluva deal for $1000!
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I have shot 3 different KZ-45's and I am impressed. They functioned flawlessly and were accurate. The only criticism I have is that they are UGLY. I don't undertand why they didn't make the stainless inserts black like the rest of the gun. IMO, it would make the KZ-45 into a decent looking firearm. I would not hesitate to buy one.
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