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The place I was going to buy my Blazer ammo stopped selling it but I can get PMC 230gr ammo for 9.92 a box , tax included. Pretty good deal. How is this ammo? Pretty good?
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<><> dsonyay, I use PMC 230gr fmj for carry, and practice. Some people say, it is dirty, I just spend a little extra time cleaning my gun.
I have found it to be reliable, consistent, and accurate, and inexpensive. Plus it is reloadable. I don't reload, so I sell the brass to a member of our gun club, further reducing the cost.
No matter what ammo you choose, there will be pro's and con's about it.
I say shoot what is reliable, and what your happy with.


<><> Raspy <><>
pmc is all i use also. it has been way more reliable in all of my guns than any other brand. i would trust it while carrying. try some out .

Nothing like the smell of Breakfree to make my day complete.
Well, I'll just have to try out a box or two before going for the case. Thanks!

Been great for me too. I just miss the days when it was $8 per box per case.
I'll just be happy to start reloading this summer. I'm hoping to just need to buy 1000-2000 rounds to last till then.

I have never had a problem with PMC ammo.

while i have never had a problem with PMC, it's extremely dirty :mad: . I just switched to Blazer and the difference was so profound I will not use PMC anymore. period.:mad:
I've shot over 10k of PMC, no problem's. Best stuff for the price.
Maxthemutt said:
I've shot over 10k of PMC, no problem's. Best stuff for the price.
I've been getting CCI blazer for $2 less per 50 rounds than the PMC, and it is far cleaner. Last night I fired a box of Winchester 230 WinClean -- it completly threw my timing off. It was so light to fire, with so little recoil I thought I was shooting a .38!
well, this is my first post to this forum. I don't have a 1911 pistol yet but the only FTF I ever had was with my Glock 21 (.45) and PMC ammo, so I'm not very happy with it (the ammo of course). I hope I can get my 1911 as soon as posible!:D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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