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okay, here's the deal:
thei guy is selling off his pop's old handguns. there is a strong possibility that he has an old ww2 1911 in the stash. what would you pay for an old, vintage ww2 colt model of 1911?be reasonable, please. i want to know what to offer whenever i get a chance to see them. thanks a bunch.
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Anywhere from $450 all the way up to $20,000! I'm not being a smartass, that's the truth. For example, an arsenal rebuild with mismatched frame and slide and 70% remaining finish would be $450. A minty Singer M1911A1 would be $20K!

I stongly suggest you visit these two Websites and read up on what is what:

...especially take a look through the "prices seen lately" on Ty's Website.

D. Kamm
USGI M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Website
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