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Powder Choices

I've not used N340 in the .45 ACP but I have used N310, N320 and N350. I don't think 310 can be used for everything but pretty nearly so. As long as you're not flat out on the performance edge, it's been my experience that it is simply wonderful. At 3.7 to 3.9 gr under a #68 200 SWC it is a light, accurate, fun-to-shoot delight for falling steel or punchin' paper. At 4.4 to 4.5 gr, pushing the same bullet, it makes USPSA and IDPA Power Factor and is accurate in nearly everyone's gun. if you feel the need to push 235 to 255 gr bullets in the direction of bowling pins, let me recommend VV N350. It's got performance to spare and you'll not be worrying about soot on your face or splinters in your hand unless you go completely off the reservation. You can load light, target, charges with this powder but it's a waste.
N320 is, in my reckoning, much like W231. I believe it can be used with success in any application where 231 is appropriate. I think it's cleaner and somewhat better behaved but that won't be an issue if you're not out on the edge. 4.8 of N320 under that 200 SWC is a very nice target load. 5.5 makes PF


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