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power 10

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I bought a CMC power 10 last week but have had a few problems:

1) the takes a hard hit to get the sucker past the mag catch.

2) I'm not sure its fully secured b/c the mag release doesn't operate as crisp. I think that the extended base pad is preventing the magazine from fully entering the well. Should I try shaving the top of the base pad?

3) every round nose dives. I think this problem may be related to the first, but if not has anyone had luck in tuning mags with this problem?
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If you have a magwell on your pistol, you will need to trim the base pad. I haven't had any feed problems with them in my gun. I'd guess that after you trim the base pad and the mag seats properly the other problems might disapear also.

I've got ten of these mags I use for IPSC. As far as I'm concerned they're great mags.

With old CMC 10-rounders (non-Power Mags), I needed to whittle some plastic off the base. I was pleasantly surprised that, after buying two of the new Power-10s, a) I didn't need to shave any of the base off and b) they worked flawlessly in my Kimber with an S&A magwell.

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