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Well, I've got 500 rounds through my Les Baer Premier II Super-Tac and I just wanted to let everyone here know what a first-class pistol this truly is (if I hadn't been so busy, she would've consumed more ammo) I have had ZERO malfunctions with this pistol. Not one failure of ANY kind. The slide finally returns fully into battery on its own without any help from me, and I can now activate the slide release using only the thumb of my shooting hand.

The "Baer Coat" is holding up extremely well. Only very minor wear to the barrel hood and a small portion of the barrel visible through the ejection port (maybe 2mm). The gun looks and feels great. Solid -- as all Baers seem to be.

I replaced the very uncomfortable stock grips (for me, anyway -- no beveled edges and very sharp checkering) with Spegel Kingwood grips supplied by Allan Yoast (a first-class gentlemen and one of the finest people I've ever dealt with in any business capacity). They possess a double diamond pattern and the Kingwood looks wonderful; it achieves an organic, natural match between grip and pistol. If I had a digital camera, I'd post a pic.

The accuracy just keeps getting better and better. I'm putting ragged holes in targets at the point of aim -- and I don't even have the 1.5" guarantee. I can only imagine how well she'll shoot at 2000 rounds.

Kudos to Les Baer for a truly fine product.
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