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Preparing frame for beavertail grip safety.

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I have three 1911's. One is pre 70 series and cosmetically looks "as issued" for use in CMP competition. Another has all the bells and whistles and used for Bullseye. The third is my project pistol that I am building myself.

I plan on installing a beavertail grip safety on my project, and am wondering about the "tails" on the back of the frame. The dimensions of the tails on the project pistol measure the same as my Bullseye pistol, which are shorter then the as issued pistol.

Do I have a frame that is already dimensioned for a beavertail? I didn't know such a thing existed.

So should I buy a beavertail that requires smith fitting, and hope it requires little to no fitting? I like the looks of the Clark grip safety, would you approve?

If it makes a difference, the frame is made by S.A.M. Don't laugh too hard ... please.

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