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Price check on a Used TLE

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Blued. No Rail. Looks good, at least as I check it out in the case. It has $705.00 on it. Does this seem fair/high?

I don't want to blow it like I did on the Used Springer Loaded I balked on...
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Hello, I have seen several go in the 600-650 range on gunbroker and gunsamerica the last few weeks ( they were used ). I paid $800 for mine new.....so if it is in reallly good shape, I think it is fair. I would still try to get them down a little though.

Take care, Mike Arnold
NIB Custom TLE/RL II, blued $890 at gun show in TX. Draw your own conclusions to value.
I got $695 for mine recently. It was in pretty good shape with about 1300+ rounds and light holster wear. It really depends on where you are. Around here the best price on a new one is $749 + tax.
I just bought same gun in black finish for $620. I packaged it with a Dan Wesson my bro inlaw was buying.
It has a Kimber magwell installed and a Wilson Combat mag in the chamber. Fresh, bright sights, as well.
Good luck.
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