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Price Check on Royal Custom

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Hey all..

Looking at picking up a Kimber Royal Custom for my first 1911. They look SHARP!!

Can anyone give me a round-about price? I checked Kimbers site, and it gave the MSRP, but after lurking here so long, I've seen a big difference between what you actually pay and what the MSRP is.

Phil the SP
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I paid $675.00 for mine a little over 1 1/2 yrs. ago. ( before sales tax ). Let me know how you like it after you get it. I love mine. Shoots great and I love those double diamond checkered rosewood grips!!

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Get a price list from Bauer Shooting Supply. http://www.bauershooting.com/
The Royal wasn't on their list, so I sent them an email. They promptly quoted me $714 + $20 shipping to my FFL.
I'm getting ready to order a new Kimber from them, I think. I can't decide whether I want a Royal or a matte Custom with wood grips. The matte Cusotm is only $589, with walnut grips another $40.
Good luck with your purchase.

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