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Price check on Series I Classic Custom

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I found a Kimber Series I non-stainless Classic Custom full size, all stock, no night sights, all stock. Kimpro finish, Yonkers model. Gunshop wants $699, and condition is almost NIB, just a bit of evidence of shooting. Is this a fair price? I know the original Series I guns were commanding a higher price before the Warrior and other models came out, but have they become less valuable now?
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I think some fo these prices are area driven, so it is hard to say. I have seen these for around the same price here in WA State. I saw a classic custom in black for $650 a couple fo months ago, and 1 used for $625 at a gunshow. though the one at the gunshow was the cheapest Kimber there

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bought used one from pawn in Dallas in september..
675.00 out the door with 2 wilson mags, in the box, all paperwork box was dated from 1997.
stocks were a bit dinged up no other issues..
It is the most accurate Kimber I own, have put 1000 rds through it and it runs flawlessly.
15yds in the Xring with all rounds, consistantly..just one big gaping hole.
35 yds groups of 8 can be covered by a coffee mug..

usually there is a 10% play price on used guns in any store..
offer 650 out the door see what happens, could say no or drop his price a few dollars with a counter offer..
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