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Primer life

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Thought you guys might be interested, I shot some .308 handloads yesterday that were made with RWS primers from 1973. Got some decent, under 1/2 MOA groups from 300 yards (WW cases, 748 powder, Nosler 168 J4's). No misfires, they still work!
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I got a real LOL out of that, Shane. Jeez, yer such a beginner, ya mean ya use 'em once and then just toss 'em!?

Maxwayne, I've had some '52 9's too, Czech stuff-- would misfire in some guns but I believe it was hard primers more than old primers. Had some Nazi 1944 stuff too, same story. Had some 1918 GI .45 that was pretty iffy, but one never knows how it was stored the first 65 years!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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