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Primer life

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Thought you guys might be interested, I shot some .308 handloads yesterday that were made with RWS primers from 1973. Got some decent, under 1/2 MOA groups from 300 yards (WW cases, 748 powder, Nosler 168 J4's). No misfires, they still work!
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The other year I found a box of my old bullseye reloads in an unheated storage building on the folks' property. They were dated 1977, and probably had been in there since the early 80's.

3.5 gr Bullseye, 185 gr swc handcast bullets, RA 65 cases, and I forget what primer, although I think I used CCI at the time. Took them out to the range, and they worked just fine.

Only got a single use out of each primer, though.

A slow hit beats a fast miss
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