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Pro-Carry and Loaded model PX9608 at the range.

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Last Sunday I took my blued Pro-Carry and 2001 Springfield model PX9608 to the range and shot about 150 rounds of various FMJ hardball through each. I also qualified with both for Off-Duty carry guns. I did not do any bench rest accuracy testing with either. I shot the Kimber first and only had one stoppage, a failure to feet, that I think was caused by the cartridge not being pushed all the way back in the magazine. After I qualified with the Kimber and shot a 98% on the course I was very satisfied with the gun. Next I shot the Springfield and it had only one failure also, caused by a limp writed hold. The Sprinfield has some very sharp edges on it and was somewhat uncomfortable to shoot, the grips were horribly sharp. I was able to obtain a 92% on the qualification. Since shooting the Springfield I have replaced the grips with the rubber grips that came on the Kimber and put a set of Carbon Creations Micarta DD pattern grips on it.

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i own a sts pro carry and am interested where you got these micarta grips. pictures? price range? i just bought some kimber eclipse grips for it, but i'm always willing to change it up a bit. sand down that springfield before you slit your wrist!!!
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Sorry for not responding sooner, but I was out of town for a few days on a Prairie Dog hunt in SW South Dakota.
As for the Micarta grips I put on my Pro-Carry, they are from Carbon Creations. I purchased them slightly used but they are in new condition. These grips are very comforatable on the gun and have a grayish color, they are great for carry. I do not have a digital camera so I cannot post a photo of them. Yoy can buy a pair from Brownell's for $80.00.
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