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Problem with Hornady Critical Defense

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I bought 4 boxes of the new Hornady Critical Defense ammo in 9mm. Yesterday I got a chance to try it out and what a disappointment!! One out of every 3 rounds was a misfire. The hammer left pronounced indentations on the primers but the rounds were duds. Some I even put back in and tried again with the same result. Now I had two hammer indentations on the primer but no fire! :barf:
Today I went to the range and with the same gun (Kahr CW9) I fired my normal carry round, Speer Gold Dot 124 gr. with not a single misfire. Then I ran 50 rounds of Federal American Eagle hard ball with again, not a single misfire.
I'm going to contact Hornady for a refund but needless to say, I would never carry their Critical Defense round.
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Not going to get into the deep engineering questions that got brought up here just going to state that in my experiences with Hornady Critical Defense

380 Auto 90 gr Critical Defense®
SKU: 90080
In my Ruger LCP 300 rounds no malfunctions including the firearm

38 Special +P 110 gr Critical Defense®
SKU: 90311
In my S&W 442 400 rounds no malfunctions including the firearm (revolver)

45 Auto 185 gr Critical Defense®
SKU: 90900
In my Springfield XDM 500 rounds no malfunctions including the firearm
I mostly use the XDM as a home defense firearm altho I do carry it somedays

45 Auto+P 230 gr HP XTP® TAP® FPD™
SKU: 90958
Yes I know its not in the Critical Defense lineup but still wanted to post it cuz it is what I carry in my TRP and is pretty much the same thing without the orange thingy lol and heavier
In my Springfield TRP 300 rounds no malfunctions including the firearm

I went thru that amount of ammo per firearm before I decided it was good enough to be relied upon as my carry ammo. Now everytime I go to the range I fire 1-2 boxes of my carry ammo thru each firearm starting with the rounds that have been in the firearm during carry, still have had no malfunctions with any firearm or round.

For target/range ammo I use Winchester

Winchester USA Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 45 ACP FMJ 230 GR Q4170
In both my Springfield XDM and TRP
Somewhere between 1-2k rounds thru each

Winchester USA Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 380 ACP FMJ 95 GR Q4206
In my Ruger LCP
Around 500 rounds thru

Winchester USA Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 38 Special FMJ 130 GR Q4171
In my S&W 442
Around 500 rounds thru

Yes I know this has nothing to do with Winchester I just felt that as I was saying my experiences with carry ammo in each firearm I should let you know what else has been thru each firearm without a problem.
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