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Problem with Hornady Critical Defense

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I bought 4 boxes of the new Hornady Critical Defense ammo in 9mm. Yesterday I got a chance to try it out and what a disappointment!! One out of every 3 rounds was a misfire. The hammer left pronounced indentations on the primers but the rounds were duds. Some I even put back in and tried again with the same result. Now I had two hammer indentations on the primer but no fire! :barf:
Today I went to the range and with the same gun (Kahr CW9) I fired my normal carry round, Speer Gold Dot 124 gr. with not a single misfire. Then I ran 50 rounds of Federal American Eagle hard ball with again, not a single misfire.
I'm going to contact Hornady for a refund but needless to say, I would never carry their Critical Defense round.
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I went to the range last night and took 150 rounds of Federal 230gr. FMJ and a 20 pack of critical defense just to see how my Kimber liked them.

Weapon of choice: Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II

The gun ate the Federals like m&m's and just kept asking for more. I went through 70 rounds of the Federal and then loaded a mag of CD. Then came the big disappointment. In 20 rounds of the CD I had 2 issues. The first mag prematurely locked the slide before feeding the final round. This may have been my fault due to possibly releasing my grip strength a little. The second mag had the same problem but had 3 rounds remaining in the mag.

Overall I was very disappointed in the Critical Defense rounds but those are the only 2 issues I've had so far in the 350 rounds down the tube in my new Kimber.
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