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Trouble with Hordnady CD rounds

I purchased the Hordnady Critical Defense 357 Mag to use in my trust S&W 19-3 K frame pistol. I have used evey 357 and 38 soecial round immaginable without difficulty. Enter the CD. I loaded 6 rounds which fired off flaulessly. No misfires, good target pattern. However, when I went to extract the spent casings, they were wedged in the cylinder. I had to go home and drive the casings out of the gun. Hornady was good about paying return postage for the unused bullets and expended casings (I held back one of each). I have not heard back from them yet.
I know it only takes one shot in a critical situation but I really need the baility to reload and shoot again. Hey, that's what it's all about.
1 - 1 of 83 Posts
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