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The round works the way it is designed for. It is designed to not make it through the barriers you speak of because well frankly in most states, its hard to argue self defense in a situation where you're shooting through a median. Well with the exception of shooting out of automobile glass.

This round is designed to punch through thick layers of clothing and still expand when it hits the bad guy. the problem with several Jacketed Hallow Points is that when they go through thick layers of clothing as someone would be wearing in the winter the tip clogs and the bullet doesn't expand. This causes the round to act much more like a Full Metal Jacket. The point of the polymer in the hillow of the round is to punch through these thick durable layers and then force expansion when hitting the bad guy. The round does what it is supposed to. And if you don't like it there are plenty of other options out there, even by Hornady that are completly up to your standards.
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