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Problem with Hornady Critical Defense

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I bought 4 boxes of the new Hornady Critical Defense ammo in 9mm. Yesterday I got a chance to try it out and what a disappointment!! One out of every 3 rounds was a misfire. The hammer left pronounced indentations on the primers but the rounds were duds. Some I even put back in and tried again with the same result. Now I had two hammer indentations on the primer but no fire! :barf:
Today I went to the range and with the same gun (Kahr CW9) I fired my normal carry round, Speer Gold Dot 124 gr. with not a single misfire. Then I ran 50 rounds of Federal American Eagle hard ball with again, not a single misfire.
I'm going to contact Hornady for a refund but needless to say, I would never carry their Critical Defense round.
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Does the bad primers apply only to the Critical Defense Ammo or is this a problem with all their Ammo (Hornady Custom + P, TAP, ect.) ?
I have only heard of the issue with the Critical Defense
Thanks DeltaKilo, Ive used Hornady XTP bullets for some time now for my reloads and was thinking of buying some Hornady Custom +P for concealed carry. Maybe I'll stop by Cabellas and pick up a couple of boxes for my Springfield Range Officer and see if my gun likes them. I think I,ll look and see if they have any Golden Sabers, everyone seems to like them.

Generally, I don't recommend the XTPs for defensive purposes because they tend to plug up and otherwise have issues with penetrating hard barriers. They're an excellent hunting round, but for defensive purposes, there are other, much better designs.
Such as?

I keep hearing about XTP,s plugging up with clothing, but with the exception Power Ball, Hydro shocks and other similar made bullets they are all made about the same, a big open cavity to plug with clothing. I would think the Gold Dots and the Barns copper bullets would be about the same.
This is good to know. I am planning on doing my own test but I'm waiting for my new mainspring housing from midway (out of stock until 10/26), I wanted to get rid of the ILS in my RO, I want the gun to be exactly the way its going to be for Conceal Carry before testing.
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