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Problem with Hornady Critical Defense

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I bought 4 boxes of the new Hornady Critical Defense ammo in 9mm. Yesterday I got a chance to try it out and what a disappointment!! One out of every 3 rounds was a misfire. The hammer left pronounced indentations on the primers but the rounds were duds. Some I even put back in and tried again with the same result. Now I had two hammer indentations on the primer but no fire! :barf:
Today I went to the range and with the same gun (Kahr CW9) I fired my normal carry round, Speer Gold Dot 124 gr. with not a single misfire. Then I ran 50 rounds of Federal American Eagle hard ball with again, not a single misfire.
I'm going to contact Hornady for a refund but needless to say, I would never carry their Critical Defense round.
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This thread gets a 5 star...for its hypothesis value. Do we actualy have any ballistic engineers on board here or we just got a whole thread of speculation and a few isolated incidences ? Has Hornady recalled ALL of this ammo or is it still being sold under a big pretend scheme that it might work if you hold your tongue just right. You'd think they might just have "some enjunears that could fix this there problem", at that "small time Horndeny Co." :biglaugh: I know our expert says so-lol
Since Posts in this section of the forum are usually lopsided or one sided at best, with the usual experts chiming in that everything they say is "fact" and "How dare you question the resident experts" (thats knowledge and experience can be truly verified by NONE)...that I thought it only fair to see just what this company (Hornady) had to say about all the unfounded opinions posted on here that sometimes borders on slander. Disclaimer: I don't happen to use Hornady ammo but not for any reason other than I get my ammo issued for free and our contract is with another quality Manufacturer but I also wanted to find out the real truth for my own curiosity. Below is the reply I got after inquiring about this thread and its claims to Hornady....

The poster has an opinion about what he or she finds desirable for personal protection ammunition, and that is their prerogative, and we respect that. However, to dissuade people from Hornady Critical Defense ammunition for personal protection / concealed carry is a mistake. The design of the Critical Defense FTX bullet was built around the fact that personal protection situations are often very close, and in most instances do not require the person protecting themselves to engage anything THROUGH a barrier of any form. When people shoot through barriers, it’s often a true “gun fight”, and most commonly associated with law enforcement officers who have to engage “bad guys” using vehicles for cover.

Critical Defense and the FTX bullets loaded in those rounds are optimized and purpose built to perform better and more consistently in personal protection situations than any other rounds on the market today. Critical Defense is not recommended as a true “duty” round for law enforcement, as no concern was given to design the Critical Defense FTX bullets to deliver FBI protocol barrier performance levels. It was designed for personal protection situations, and is the best product on the market for that application.

Additionally, other manufacturers have done a great job of NOT showing the public at large that their hollow point bullets often clog with material, even through meager heavy clothing, thus rendering them a NON-expanding FMJ. This bullet, once clogged, will usually travel well over 20” in gelatin therefore NOT imparting all useable energy within the target and potentially traveling down range unaccounted for.

Aside from the actual bullet design of the Critical Defense FTX, there are many other features that combine to make Hornady Critical Defense ammunition the most advanced and reliable concealed carry / personal protection ammunition available on the market today.

Here’s the url for the product overview that helps explain how it all works, and showcases some of the “dirty little secrets” about conventional hollow points in personal protection situations - http://www.youtube.com/hornadymanufacturing#p/u/16/L-DAqo_FcXg

As to the comments about “failures across lots and production runs”, that is unfounded. Please don’t make the mistake of assuming that everything on the internet is the “truth” or even representative quite frankly. Conversely, we have received more than a few testimonials from people that have employed Critical Defense ammunition in personal protection situations where their life was truly in danger from an armed assailant. All have reported favorable results, but results that we do not feel are in good taste to post or exploit as you can only imagine the final outcome of the assailant/s.


Neil Davies

Marketing Director

Hornady Mfg Co.
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Too many other great choices to mess with this ammo. :)

Get proven SD ammo like, Speer Gold Dot, Federal HST, Golden Saber Bonded.

Here's a link you need to read.

Read this http://ammo.ar15.com/project/Self_Defense_Ammo_FAQ/index.htm
That is a good indirect point (linking to outside source) and one that should be brought front and center...Don't take any one source, from the Intranut, as fact or fiction, and base your intellegence and your life on.

Everybody thats been to different ammo & gun websites should know and see the trends that evolve when you get popular posters that go from contributing to discussions to taking the topic over and taking it upon themselves to try and edjucate the masses to "their line of thinking". Learning from history, why we study it, tells me not to believe everything I read on the internet and have an open mind studying from multiple sources to base my own conclusions on. If I don't, just like in past history, I'm no safer or smarter than than the guys that stood in line for koolaide down in Guyana.
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