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I took my conversion kit to the range the other day to do some testing on it's reliability. I have had some trouble with both feeding and firing in the past and wanted to try some things out. Wilson had told me that it wouldn't feed lead ammo only jacketed. I took CCI stinger, Winchester super X, and Remington golden bullets. Here is what happend. If there is anybody out there that can give me some advice on this I would really apprieciate it.

first 100 rnds did more or less ok, I had 1 or 2 problems but not like the normal, almost every single round.
next 50 (remington) I had something like 15 fail to fire. I would reload them and then they would fire, and about 5 fail to feed.
next 50 (Win) about 10 fail to fire, almost 10 fail to feed, and 1 or 2 times the slide didn't return all the way (I had to push it with my thumb a little)
the next 50 (CCI) only had a total of like 5 fail to fire and 1 failure of the slide.

The gun was 100% clean prior to the range session. I didn't clean it during this session, but in the past I have cleaned it in the middle of firing and it still will have these sorts of problems. Any thoughts...? Please...
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