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Hello all,

I became a member here to glean from the knowledge pool and have learned a lot so far. Yesterday I picked up my first 9mm 1911, a Duty One Lite 4.0. It had almost all the features I wanted so, in spite of a general lack of reviews anywhere, I pulled the trigger.

Well today at the range I met with several issues.

- STI mags will hit the top round on the ejector when seated.
- Wilson 10 round mags hit the ejector with the corner of the mag and will not seat on ten rounds.
- Ejector was loose (maybe from seating mags).
- All mags and ammo tried (Blaser Brass, Gold Dot +P, Hornady Critical Defense) have sluggish cycling, sluggish / poor ejection, and failures to eject.
- Chamber mouth has sharp edges that routinely stop cases in their tracks.
- First round from every mag shot 5-6 inches low at 15 yards. Subsequent rounds were closer but still unacceptably low. True for all the ammo used.

Needless to say it is going back as soon as the label comes through. I've heard of STI's great customer service and they were quick with a return request. Any similar experiences here? I've been lead to believe STI makes quality products but this was a total failure.
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